That Achy Heavy Feeling in Your Legs Could More Than End of the Day Tiredness

Sugar Land – At the end of the day your legs probably feel it right? They get tired, achy, sometimes even swell up. In the case of local woman Norma Lindquist, she discovered her sore legs were the result of something more serious.

“I thought I was just getting old,” Norma told Houston Life. Norma said her pain started five six years ago, ” legs were just always hurting. At night, I was restless. It just felt so heavy and they were even swollen.”

Norma had no idea that all of these symptoms were a sign of vein disease.

Every decade after 40, there is an increased risk of vein disease. However, while the risk increases as you get older, it does not necessarily mean it is a normal part of aging. “That’s something that I I really work to educate patients about,” said Dr. Tonie Reincke who treats patients with vein disease at her clinic, the Reincke Vein Center, in Sugar Land.

“Most common symptoms that patients will present with is a feeling of heaviness in their legs, tired at the end of the day, swelling,” said Dr. Reincke. There are also the visible signs, like varicose veins and spider veins.

While a patient will need a series of treatments, Norma said the minimally invasive procedure was easy enough for her to do it in her lunch break. “I would come over here at 11 O’clock, get my treatment done and I’d be out of here and in one hour. Back at work. No down time.”

While patients schedule in for an hour-long appointment, Dr. Reincke explained that the procedure itself only takes around 10 minutes to perform. Most of the appointment is preparing for treatment and then taking time after to walk around to promote blood flow after treatment. Patients can expect, “anywhere from six to ten procedures, that is between the heat base procedures which heat and seal the vein, and then the chemical injection of veins,” said Dr. Reincke.

So what is it like now for Norma? “Oh, so much better. I mean, I can walk long distances, I can wear boots, and I can wear high heels.”

Norma has even referred her husband to Dr. Reincke, “He’s got four veins that need treatment. So we’re going to do it because he also has pain his legs and they get swollen and they hurt. So now he’s going to come in to get it done.”

If you would like a free consultation to see if your tired, achy legs are a result of vein disease, give the team at Reincke Vein Center a call on 281-394-4446 and tell them you heard about vein treatment Houston Life

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Watch Norma’s story on Houston Life in the video above.

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