Making your health a priority with a full body scan

A full body scan is a $4,295 value. If you use promo code Houston Life you’ll get it for $2,495.

It is a common saying that early detection saves lives. Retired school teacher Anita thought she was in perfect health but a body scan showed otherwise. Advanced Body Scan helps you take control of your health with a deal that will save you thousands off a full body scan.

It’s the holiday season and for many that means running around town, trying to get your home ready for company. It’s a habit, always thinking of people other than yourself. Here’s a reminder, you need to come first.

Especially when it comes to your health.

Anita’s story

Anita Skelton thought she was in great health. She’s a retired teacher and her husband is a truck driver. She purchased a full body scan for her husband from Advanced Body Scan to keep track of his health. She also purchased a scan for herself too.

“I’m just praying the whole time thinking, ‘Oh, I hope he’s okay because he has heart problems in his family,’” said Skelton.

Unfortunately, she got a call a couple days later and it was about her.

”And lo and behold, I had a right kidney full of cancer, and I was symptom free. I had no idea I had it,” said Skelton.

Steve Marler is the founder of Advanced Body Scan, with an office in Bellaire.

He says this is all too common.

“Like most of us guys, we don’t want to know and typically what we see is the wife brings them into the office.”

What is a full body scan?

Purchase a full body scan here. Use promo code Houston Life

A full body scan is a $4,295 value. If you use promo code Houston Life you’ll get it for $2,495.

You must be 38 or older.

Your Body Scan at Advanced Body Scan is quick, painless, and doesn’t require any advanced preparation. Every scan is performed in a state-of-the-art CT and is read by board-certified radiologist.

During this scan, experts capture detailed images of your chest, coronary arteries, abdomen, pelvis, and more.

And according to Anita, a full body scan is the difference of living and dying. “I wouldn’t be here today without my scan. So please be proactive for your health.”