Step into Hogwarts and get a look at the ‘Harry Potter Yule Ball Experience’

HOUSTON – Calling all Harry Potter fans!

There’s a magical and interactive themed experience, the Harry Potter: A Yule Ball Celebration, opening up here in Houston on Friday, November 18th.

Harry Potter: A Yule Ball Experience is the first event of its kind in the United States, and it will bring the Wizarding World to life through this festive winter ball!

Guests are invited to step into Hogwarts for a magical night of, as McGonagall put it – “well-mannered frivolity.”

Jump on the lively dance floor, enjoy delicious treats, and shop the Yule Ball Market for gifts, wands, and robes. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to show off your house – or school – pride in this event.

Tickets are still available, and can be found HERE.

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