The legacy behind Artemis 1 ‘Moonikin’

Houston – NASA successfully launched Artemis 1 just after 1 a.m. today. But did you know there are mannequins on board the ship? The space mannequin, a.k.a. Moonikin Campos, will collect data during the mission on the moon. But why this name?

Arturo Campos was the electrical power subsystem manager for the Apollo 13 lunar module. Campos’ daughter recalled, “He did not, that I remember, ever get called in the middle of the night for something, and that’s what happened the night the Apollo 13 was in trouble.” A service module oxygen tank aboard the Apollo spacecraft had ruptured, leaving the crew of the Apollo stuck in a crippled spacecraft 200,000 miles from Earth. Campos was an integral part of creating a solution for the stranded astronauts’ safe return.

Due to Campos’ contribution, his name was thrown into a drawing of naming the Moonikin and won. The space mannequin was named Moonikin Campos – honoring the late Arturo Campos - who is on his way to the moon today. To learn more about Arturo Campos, visit

Watch the full clip of his story in the video above.