Teen author and podcaster discuss ‘Teensplaining’

High schooler Bailey C. Moore launches a podcast for teens, hoping to give a voice to the new generation.

HOUSTON – Today on Houston Life, we heard from a local teen who’s making an impact on his community while still in high school. Bailey Moore sat down with Derrick and Courtney to share his passion for helping others and details about his new podcast with youth leader and entrepreneur Jordyn Wright!

Bailey Wright is a freshman at Carnegie High School, an author, artist, motivational speaker, and is entering a new era of maturity. He started a podcast and is now launching his second podcast with Jordan called “Teen Splaining.” They decided to create a platform for teens only. Their podcast is about giving teens a voice. Some of the topics they discuss include navigating school, suicide awareness, and other topics that most teens can relate to and/or discuss.

Bailey and Jordyn are also partnering up for Giving Tuesday to give back to the homeless at the end of this month. They are joining “Project I am” to pack up 400 blessing bags and distribute them to the homeless. This will be his first time collaborating with the non-profit, and he met the founder, 14-year-old Jahkil Jackson when they were both honored at the Joe Biden Presidential Awards in Houston.

The Carnegie High School student has been very successful with his writing and is building a legacy that started from a very young age. To connect with Bailey on Instagram, click here, and follow his podcast here. You can also connect with his co-host, Jordyn Wright, here.

Watch the video above to hear from the teen impacting many lives, while learning more about his cause, and new podcast.

For more information about Bailey, you can visit his website, and YouTube below.

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Project I am Website

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