Houston Life Prize Wheel: see what Debra from Conroe just won!

Spinning today was Debra from Conroe. See what she won and the special shoutout to her great-grandson, the littlest Astros fan! For more information on how to become an insider, click on HoustonLife.TV

HOUSTON – The Houston Life Prize Wheel allows us to connect with our wonderful viewers and gives you, the viewer, the chance to win BIG prizes.

Each week, Derrick and Courtney dress up in their finest game show attire and spin the wheel. But today, our guest host Courtney Zubowski spun the wheel for Debra from Conroe! She is not just a Nonna, but she is also a great-nana! Her grandson is the littlest Astros fan, and his first words besides “dada” are “Go Astros!”

There are 16 wedges with prizes: tickets to Houston Grand Opera’s La Traviata, Nutcracker Market, Renaissance Festival, and a year’s worth of free meal tickets at Chick-fil-A located at 59 & Fondren.

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Check out Debra’s winning moment and her great-grandson saying “Go Astros” in the video above!