DIY Pumpkin Painting: Learn to paint pumpkins like a pro!

HOUSTON – DIY expert Ashton Sedita shows Courtney and Derrick how to paint pumpkins like a pro! You can too.

Materials and Instructions

For the spider design:

Materials - white pumpkin, black paint, black paint pen

Instructions - Use your thumb and dab paint circle dots with it on white pumpkin. Once dry, make upside check marks to create 8 legs.

For ghost design:

Materials – orange pumpkin, white paint, black paint pen.

Instructions: Use to your thumb and dab white paint onto the orange pumpkin. Once dry, create 2 eyes and a mouth.

About the Author:

Field producer by day. Cruise director by night to a busy, foodie, outdoorsy family, which includes two sports loving boys and one craft beer loving husband.