Learn how to make your own Astros headpiece with a Mexican flair

HOUSTON – Local artist Anita Bocanegra teaches Courtney and Derrick how to make Astros Catrina headpieces.

Anita is known locally for showcasing her work and some helpful tutorials on her Instagram page.

“The idea of the Astro’s themed Catrina has been in the works since 2017 but I just never had to time to complete it, after all, this is my busiest season with Dia de Los Muertos and Astros fans. I sell my work on Etsy and pop-up markets around town,” she said.

Follow her directions in the video above to make your own.

For the complete list of materials and instructions, continue reading below.


  • cardstock
  • orange and white
  • foam wreath
  • orange flowers
  • duct tape
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • wood skewers
  • star template ( She uses a free printable 3D star template you can find online for free for personal use, here)
  • letter H template
  • embellishments of your choice ( she uses accents from the floral department and star beads)


Trace and cut a star pattern on orange cardstock, score and fold according to instructions on the pattern, hot glue backing to star, and trace and cut letter H on white cardstock. hot glue your embellishments to the back of the star and then hot glue skewers making an X and leaving 3″ exposed at the bottom. Set aside.

Cut two pieces of 3″ from Styrofoam wreath, and duct tape to the sides of the headband leaving 1″ of headband exposed at the bottom (the top center of the headband will also be exposed). Then proceed to hot glue flowers to each side to cover duct tape. Insert skewers on top of the Styrofoam on the headband. You may use hot glue to permanently secure it.

To see Anita’s complete tips for this fun DIY, check out the video above.

To connect with Anita, click here.

Anita has an upcoming Catrina Paint party at Karbach brewing on Nov 1st from 6 pm -9 pm.

For more information about the event, click here.