Houston Life Recap: Fun-filled day of comics, comedians, Legos…And pickleball?

What happened on Houston Life - June 18, 2022

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Comicpalooza palooza

From AWESOME artwork to creative cosplayers, some of the Houston Life family enjoyed their time at Comicpalooza. And Doctor Who? Derrick moderated a Doctor Who panel with Christopher Eccleston. Did you go? Share your favorite experience(s).

Calling all anime, comic, and sci-fi lovers! Did you go to Comicpalooza over the weekend? Some of the Houston Life team members did. Did you see Derek moderating the Doctor Who panel with Christopher Eccleston? Let us know. Plus, what was your favorite experience(s)?

Comedian Andy Huggins will record his first comedy stand-up this weekend

We sit down with local comedian Andy Huggins. He’s still going strong at 72 years old! Find out what keeps him going.

A personal, familial story of ‘Advance Body Scan’ saving lives

A technology marvel that saved a father’s life and can help you too detect disease. Body scanning technology seems like something from the future, but it is here right now and can help you be proactive about your health.

Body scanning technology seems like something from the future, but it is here right now and can help you be proactive about your health. Advanced body scan founder Steve Marler shares his very personal reason for why he is so passionate about body scanning technology.

The Artistry of Bricks --- a free exhibit showcasing artwork made of Legos

If you’re a fan of Lego, then you’ll love a new exhibit in spring that’s transforming tens of thousands of Lego bricks into jaw-dropping pieces of art, and it’s completely free. We’ve got the details. Plus, Courtney and Derrick attempt to assemble a Lego race car. How’d they do?

“No Limits: The Artistry of Bricks” is a free exhibition that includes more than 20 works of art made from LEGO® bricks, such as “Battle of the Alamo” by Adam Bell, “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” by Gregory Jonason, “Mr. Frumble’s Pickle Car” by Jonathan Lopes, and “Chrysalis” by Michael “Moto” Kanemoto, a contestant on LEGO® Masters FOX Season 2. All of this happening at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts until September, 2022

What is pickleball? And who will win?

Pickleball fever hits Houston life! It’s been called the fastest growing sport in America -- and it’s fun for all ages. What you need to know about the popular sport rapidly gaining popularity. Plus, the Houston life team plays against each other. Watch to see who will win!

You’ve probably seen it in community centers, public parks, or health clubs. There’s a popular sport gaining new fans across Houston: pickleball. Houston Life reporter Enrique Ramirez set out to learn the basics with Nick Rivera, Pickleball coordinator at Life Time City Centre, to inspire you to go out and play.
Houston Life hosts Derrick Shore and Courtney Zavala discover the health benefits of Pickleball and even play the sport with the help of Joe Sam and Lauren Kelly.
Find out which team won the Houston Life pickleball game.

And that’s what happened on Houston Life!

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