Watch Lauren Kelly’s ‘Scarlet Witch’ costume transformation ahead of next weekend’s Comicpalooza

HOUSTON – Are you still looking for that perfect costume to wear for Comicpalooza next weekend?

Well lucky for you, Techland Studios has ALL the things you could need to put one together!

Techland Studios is located in the Washington Arts District, and when we say these guys do it all – they do it *all.

From fabrics, to costumes to set design, makeup and lots more, Lauren Kelly stopped by for an ultimate transformation into Marvel’s the Scarlet Witch.

They did everything! They had the perfect wig, the red eye contacts, the whole outfit, and even the charred black fingernails. Their attention to detail was amazing!

Watch as Lauren shows off her look in the video above.

Special thanks again to Eric, Gino, Alan, Jordan, Michelle and the rest of the Techland team for making this happen!

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