Houston Life Prize Wheel: Long-time fan Greg spins the wheel again!

A long-time fan spun the wheel in our New Braunfels special episode - see what Greg from Montrose won. Thank you, Greg, for being a loyal KPRC 2 Insider!

HOUSTON – Over a year ago, Greg from Montrose spun the wheel. And he came back on the show today!

Before he spun the wheel, he told us why he watches Houston Life: “For an hour a day, no matter what’s going on. No matter how isolated one is. You see some really cool people having a good time talking about something interesting. And I think that’s a tremendous gift you’ve given the people of Houston.”

Thank you, Greg, for being a loyal fan and letting us put a smile on your face.

The Houston Life Prize Wheel gives us the opportunity to connect with our wonderful viewers and gives you, the viewer, the opportunity to win BIG prizes.

Every week, Derrick and Courtney will get decked out in their finest game show attire and spin the wheel.

There are 16 wedges with prizes. This week, in our New Braunfels special episode, the wedges included tickets and gift certificates to Wildlife Ranch, Schlitterbahn, 2Tarts Bakery, and Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar.

Check out the full clip above to see Greg’s winning moment!

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