Houston Life Prize Wheel: Andy from Conroe just won $1000!

A big-time prize - AS IN BIG TIME - was given away today - see what Andy from Conroe won! For more information, click on HoustonLife.TV

HOUSTON – “Oh my gosh.”

That was the reaction from Andy from Conroe upon winning $1,000 in Friday’s Houston Life Prize Wheel.

She was utterly stunned, paused, then said, “That was wonderful because my situation is I’m living in my car, which is why I signed up for all these contests, just to get a chance to see if I could better myself in any way.”

The Houston Life Prize Wheel gives us the opportunity to connect with our wonderful viewers and gives you, the viewer, the opportunity to win BIG prizes.

Every week, Derrick and Courtney will get decked out in their finest game show attire and spin the wheel. This week, Courtney had the day off, so it was up to Brittany Jeffers to work her magic! And her first time spinning the wheel proved to be magical!

There are 16 wedges with prizes including $1,000, restaurant gift cards, and of course some great Houston Life swag.

Spinning on Friday was Andy from Conroe. Check out the full clip above to see her winning moment! Check out the clip below for her interview afterwards!

Andy from Conroe is homeless and lives in her car with her fiance. Desperate for any kind of luck, she applied to as many free prize possibilities out there and won $1000 off the Houston Life Prize Wheel! And what's better? Her fiance says their fortune cookies predicted this

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