Valentine’s Day Crafting: 2 easy DIY gifts full of love

HOUSTON – There’s nothing sweeter than homemade gifts crafted with love.

And if you’re looking for easy ideas for Valentine’s Day that won’t take much time or money, Alexis Geissler, owner of CraftWorx in Richmond, joined us with 2 great options.

To see Geissler’s complete interview and tips, watch the video above.

Reversible Wood Blocks


• Wood blocks

• Sandpaper

• Paint

• Stencils

• Brushes


1) Sand wood blocks

2) Paint blocks the base colors and set aside to dry

3) Apply stencils to one side

4) Dab on paint and pull off stencil while the paint is still wet

5) Let dry

6) Repeat on the other side

7) Set out and enjoy!

Personalized Valentine’s Day Cards


• Card stock or piece of paper

• Toilet paper tube, folded in center

• Paint

• Photo of child

• Marker/pen


1) Fold piece of paper, if desired

2) Glue cut out the photo to the bottom of the paper

3) Dab the end of the folded tube into paint and place it on paper to make the heart

4) Repeat for as many hearts as desired and allow the paint to dry

5) Draw lines from photo to hearts to look like balloons

6) Add a personalized message and gift! It also looks cute in a frame as décor.

If you want to do more crafting projects, head over to CraftWorx.

Instructions provided by Alexis Geissler.

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