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TURKEY FRYING TIPS: Prepare your Thanksgiving bird safely this holiday

Cooking a 20 to 24-pound bird? You need to start thawing it out now.

HOUSTON – The turkey is the centerpiece of every Thanksgiving dinner and no one wants to have a burnt turkey sitting in the center of the table, or worse, no turkey at all.

To help keep you and your families safe this holiday season BB’s Tex Orleans is providing safety tips for frying your birds.

This year, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission posted an intense video on Twitter, showing the severity of what could come from an improperly fried turkey.

On Saturday, the USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service sent a reminder out on social media, saying to start thawing your turkey if you plan on serving a 20 to 24-pound bird this Thursday.

Below are a few safety tips that BB’s Tex Orleans previously provided KPRC 2 with to keep you and your families safe this year!

Safe turkey frying tips! KPRC 2 wants to help keep you and your family safe this holiday season. (Copyright 2021 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.)
  • Turkeys should always be completely thawed before frying or you run the risk of ice particles causing the oil to overflow and catch fire. A critical step here is to take the internal temperature of the turkey to make sure it is between 33-41 degrees. Some folks even like to rest the turkey at room temperature for 1 hour before frying.
  • The ideal temperature we like to fry turkeys at is within a range of 225 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit. If you fry a turkey below 225 you never achieve a nice fried crispy texture on the outside of the bird. If you fry over 250 you run the risk of burning the bird.
  • The amount of oil you use and the size of the pot may be the. Ingest contributor to causing fires when frying turkey. There is no perfect equation here just be sure to never overfill your pot with oil and always slowly lower the turkey in the oil watching the oil rise closely. If you notice the oil will be too close to the top of the pot just remove some oil then lower the turkey again.
  • Always fry your turkey legs up. If you fry a turkey neck up you might create an air pocket that will pop and send oil flying and potentially causing a burn.
  • We always encourage wearing safety glasses and heavy-duty rubber gloves to prevent burns.

If you’re still nervous about frying your bird this Thanksgiving, BB’s is also offering to do it for you! All you have to do is place your order by clicking here before Nov. 23 at 11 a.m. and they will have a tasty fried turkey ready for you and your families to enjoy without having to invite the fire department over for dinner!

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