Here’s why you should avoid DIY flooring projects

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HOUSTON – DIY home renovation projects have become very popular over the years, but installing flooring on your own might turn into an expensive headache!

That’s why a company called 50 Floor promises to make the process seamless.

What makes 50 Floor so unique is they bring the shopping experience to you. A representative will come directly to your home and bring hundreds of samples so you can see what looks best with your furniture, in your lighting, and with the rest of your home. They carry a variety of options from tile, carpet, vinyl, laminate, and more!

If you dread the installation process, there is no need to worry! 50 Floor will remove your furniture, install your new flooring, and put all your furniture back. It is a completely hassle-free process. The whole process generally takes just 1 day.

Currently they are offering 60% off of all flooring materials. And if you enter the promo code “Houston Life” you will receive an extra $100 off your order. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 877-50-FLOOR, or visit their website here.