Musician and farmer Jason Mraz brings reggae and positivity to Houston

‘Music is my greatest weapon in the war against unhappiness.’

From his farming business to his life as a touring musician, Grammy-Award-winning artist Jason Mraz chats with Houston Life ahead of his Houston concert at White Oak Music Hall, Saturday, July 31st.

HOUSTON – Multi-Grammy-Award-winning artist Jason Mraz is ready to reunite with local fans.

The musician and philanthropist is about to embark on a summer tour that will make a stop in Houston.

Singer Jason Mraz (Jen Rosenstein)

Known for his feel-good music, the singer-songwriter talked to Houston Life about spreading joy with his music, especially after the pandemic.

“Music is my greatest weapon in the war against unhappiness,” said Mraz, who is committed to making uplifting tunes, even according to him “when he is not always so positive.”

“The magic of music is what has kept me optimistic. When I make music, I like to make music to share with others because it has had a transformative effect on me, and it has changed my disposition from somewhat gray to sunshine,” said the singer who is celebrating the news that his 2008 hit “I’m Yours” just reached 1 Billion streams on Spotify.

Mraz also talked about his life as a farmer in California, where he produces avocados, passion fruit, and coffee beans through Mraz Family Farms.

Watch Mraz’s complete interview in the video above.

Jason Mraz’s “Look for The Good Live!” Tour stops in Houston, July 31 at White Oak Music Hall.

Mraz has enlisted a 13-piece band to join him on the tour, including many of the musicians who performed on his latest album, Look For The Good.

For details or to purchase tickets, click here.

To connect with Mraz, click here.

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