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SunForceOceanLife Exhibit suspending you into mid-air at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Get suspended in mid-air with this visual and epic structure by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto

HOUSTON – The Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s summer series of grand-scale, immersive exhibitions continues with SunForceOceanLife. This major commission by renowned Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto transforms Cullinan Hall into a suspended walkway. When visitors enter the epic sculptural work, they can explore a complex labyrinth of interactive pathways, all while suspended in mid-air. The massive, spiraling SunForceOceanLife comprises yellow, orange, and green materials that are hand-woven into engaging patterns.

Neto (born 1964) has captivated audiences around the world with his multi-sensory environments. One of the artist’s largest crochet works to date, SunForceOceanLife takes inspiration from his long-term commitment to the art, culture, and traditions of various cultures that form Brazil.

All ticket holders may explore this special site-specific installation at ground level, which is wheelchair accessible. Guests may opt to enter the sculptural work’s pathways, which are suspended in mid-air. In addition to adhering to the Museum’s pandemic safety protocols, guests need to observe the following to enter this exhibition:

• Sign a waiver—available by clicking here (English waiver) (Spanish waiver)

• Confirm they are able to walk without assistance.

• Wear socks; no shoes or bare feet allowed.

• Be at least 3.5 feet tall (42 inches).

• Confirm they are age 6 or older.

• Have one adult for every two minors between the ages of 6 and 12 in the group. Adults must accompany children at all times.

• Access the pathway without babies, including in carriers or strollers.

• Use sensible judgment at all times when on the pathway, especially if using cameras, smartphones, etc.

• Only small cross-body bags may be worn; purses and bags over the shoulder and back are not allowed. A locker will be provided to you and individuals in your party.• Avoid wearing loose jewelry, which can potentially tangle with the surfaces of the pathways.

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