Crime Stoppers of Houston CEO shares summer safety tips for the entire family

No matter how you’re choosing to spend your summer, there are certain dangers you need to be aware of

Summer safety reminders | HOUSTON LIFE | KPRC 2
Summer safety reminders | HOUSTON LIFE | KPRC 2

HOUSTON – Whether you’re taking a road trip, spending the day at the pool or sending your kids to summer camp, CEO of Crime Stoppers of Houston, Rania Mankarious shares a quick checklist of things to keep in mind this summer season.


Know where you are going, check cars and tires, have phones fully charged and the ability to re-charge. Make sure you have food/snacks and water (especially for kids). While technology helps pass the time, make sure drivers are not participating in song searches or taking quick peeks at videos. Especially beware of young drivers who might take over the wheel. Seat belts are a must at all times.


Regardless of how you might travel this year (car or plane, locally, out of state or internationally), know the rules for vaccinations. Planes, hotels, restaurants and more are all starting to outline different rules. Know what’s required before you go. Remember, while you can choose to personally wear a mask or not, or get vaccinated or not - the businesses you are visiting have the legal right to require masks and/or vaccinations to enter.


Parents, as your kids are home this summer and online, make sure you are aware that with one click of a button they can have almost anything sent to the home without you even knowing and for little to no cost. Beware.


Have a family plan, talk about how you’ll keep the children in the home safe. For some, it’s locking pools or back doors, others place alarms to notify/alert the family that a door has been open. Either way, talk to each member in the household and make sure you have a plan to keep the most vulnerable in the family, safe.


Make sure you understand the rules of the camp, check the counselor-to-child ratio, and research whether or not the camp has had any issues in the past with any complaints or warnings. Make sure you’ve talked to your child about boundaries and how they must absolutely report anything that makes them uncomfortable.


NEVER leave children or animals in cars. Remember that cars internal temperatures rise quickly in the summer months.

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