Producers Tom Hugh-Jones and Alex Williamson chat new streaming series’ ‘Earth At Night In Color’ and ‘Tiny World’

HOUSTON – Producers Tom Hugh-Jones and Alex Williamson are probably best known for their work on shows like ‘Planet Earth,’ ‘Human Planet,’ and ‘Planet Earth II’ - which has been seen by millions of people internationally.

Just in time for Earth Day, we’re getting a look at both of their new Apple TV+ series’ that use the latest cutting-edge technology to show off some gorgeous wonders of our planet.

Tom’s latest series, ‘Tiny World,’ is narrated by Paul Rudd and brings the wonders of the planet’s smallest heroes to life with spectacular effects.

Alex Williamson’s latest project, ‘Earth at Night in Color,’ is narrated by Tom Hiddleston, was filmed across 6 continents and in full color like never before. This series captures animals’ nocturnal lives, while revealing new behaviors.

Watch as Tom and Alex chat with Lauren Kelly about how they got all of this remarkable footage.

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