Pearland woman uplifts moms raising children on the autism spectrum

HOUSTON – Nichole Wilson is the founder and editor-in-chief of Autism Moms Are Beautiful (AMAB) Magazine, an incredible resource for moms raising children on the autism spectrum.

Wilson shared details about this a one-of a-kind-project for local moms that she created out of her own experience with her daughter Zeni’, diagnosed with autism at the age of three.

Nichole Wilson on the Cover of AMAB Magazine (AMAB Magazine)

“It was a reality check because I actually have worked with children with autism before, but never had one myself. It was just very different, but of course, I just adapted because that’s my baby,” she said.

“The first thing I did was find a support group because I didn’t know what to do,” Wilson recalled.

In 2017 she created AMAB magazine to motivate and create content for fellow autism moms.

“The best part about the magazine is we’re just sharing stories from moms and there’s somebody else that can relate to that story, it could be a mom in another state, or out the country,” she said about the digital publication that also covers topics like beauty, health, and wellness.

Syleena Johnson on the cover of AMAB Magazine (AMAB Magazine)

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