Country artist Dale Watson continues to break the mold with new album

He’s letting his guitar do the talking

HOUSTON – Singer-songwriter Dale Watson is known as a “honky-tonk hero,” and is beloved by many fans for recording authentic country music.

And even though he has released more than 20 albums, his latest project is certainly a first in his longstanding career.

“The Memphians" Cover Art (Dale Watson)

The Alabama-born, Texas-raised Watson joined Houston Life to talk about the release of his new instrumental album called “The Memphians.”

“I’ve always wanted to do an instrumental album, and then the lockdown happened,” said Watson, who explained how that became a great time to get finally get to do the record.

“I’m really proud of it. It sure gave me my sanity around that time,” said the critically acclaimed troubadour, who also shared his special connection to the Houston area.

“South Houston High School is where I graduated from. I lived in the Pasadena area; that’s where I grew up,” said Watson who started playing gigs in bars and honky-tonks around town while he was still in high school.

The album is deeply influenced by the rich culture, history, and music of Memphis, Tennessee, where he now lives.

“The Memphians” is available everywhere music is bought and streamed.

You can see Watson’s complete interview in the video above.

To order the album, you can click here.

To listen to one of the tracks, check out the video below.

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