Have you been thinking about energy providers, ever since the recent winter storm?

This Houston energy company is expanding -- and passionate about getting Texans access to renewable energy

For more information you can visit GotRhythm.com or call 1-888-7-RHYTHM, that’s 1-888-774-9846.

Have you considered switching energy providers?

It might be on your mind especially following last month’s winter storm.

If you recall, the winter storm left millions of Texans without power.

One new electricity company, based right here in Houston, says it’s stepping up to expand its service and help people in a time of need.

Rhythm CEO and cofounder, P.J. Popovic shared everything you need to know. Watch the video, above, for more information.

You can also visit GotRhythm.com or call 1-888-7-RHYTHM (1-888-774-9846) to learn more.