A ‘how-to’ on crawfish season at Willie’s Grill & Icehouse in Cypress

HOUSTON – It’s that time of year again…crawfish season!

People love to eat crawfish, not only because they are delicious, but also because it’s fun to peel them!

But do you know where crawfish are farmed? Do you know how they’re cooked, or how to peel them?

Chef Justin Schultz at Willie’s Grill & Icehouse in Cypress is giving us all the answers for first-time mud bug eaters.

Willie’s has live Louisiana crawfish delivered daily, and they’re in constant communication with their Louisiana farmers to make sure they get us the best bugs in H-Town.

They even dump them live from mesh bags into stainless sorting sinks, which is quite a sight for guests to see.

And with 3 hurricanes in Louisiana last year, and Snow-Mageddon last month, crawfish season is about to hit peak quality.

Watch as Lauren Kelly and Chef Justin have a crawfish-peeling contest to see who can peel the most!

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