Take the 9th annual VegOut! Challenge from Recipe For Success Foundation

HOUSTON – The 9th annual VegOut! Challenge from Recipe for Success Foundation challenges participants to eat 30 vegetables in the month of March; whether that be all 30 in a week or a vegetable a day, it is up to you!

The challenge was created by Recipe for Success Foundation as a call-to-action to the eat 30 different vegetables in a month. The program is designed to make healthy eating fun by turning it into a game. This unique challenge has been taken up by more than 30,000 people in all 50 states.

To help make it easy to follow and accessible to all, the VegOut! website and mobile app offers hundreds of recipes, toolkits for parents, employers, teachers and health advocates with ideas to engage their families and colleagues, and it displays inspiration through live feeds of participants activity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter suing the hashtag #vegout2021.

Get more info at www.vegoutwithrfs.org.

Watch as Lauren Kelly chats with Gracie Cavnar, Founder of Recipe for Success Foundation, about the challenge.

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