Actress Jackée Harry joins the cast of ‘Days Of Our Lives’ as exciting new character Paulina Price

HOUSTON – Like sands through the hour glass...

Actress Jackée Harry has had many tv and movie roles over the years, but her latest may be one of the best yet: she just made her debut on ‘Days Of Our Lives’ playing a new and exciting character, Paulina Price.

So just how does Paulina fit into the Salem family tree?

We’ll break it down for you: Paulina is indirectly related to the Carver family. She’s outspoken, opinionated, wealthy and successful, and is used to getting what she wants. Paulina a wealthy real estate mogul from Miami, who comes to Salem to reconnect to her extended family.

After celebrating their 55th anniversary last November, ‘Days Of Our Lives’ is NBC’S longest running drama series with over 14,000 episodes. We know Jackée will make sure to keep that drama going.

‘Days of Our Lives’ airs weekdays from 2-3p here on KPRC 2.

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