Up Art Studio Houston’s new program looking for local artists to paint “mini murals”

Up Art Studio’s new ‘Mini Murals Program’ is giving local artists a chance to showcase their creations on small-scale murals around town, and get paid for it. To apply to for the program, visit the artist info page at minimurals.org. Watch as Lauren Kelly chats with Up Art Studio’s Elia Quiles about getting involved.

HOUSTON – Have you ever driven around the streets of Houston and noticed a beautifully painted traffic light box?

Those are what Up Art Studio Houston is calling “mini murals,” and they’re giving emerging Texas artists a chance to showcase their designs on them…as well as get PAID to do so!

The Mini Murals Program has already paid local artists over $300,000 over the past 5 years, and it has many upcoming opportunities for commissions in 2021.

Mini Murals is an award-winning program curated and managed by UP Art Studio, and commissions artists to paint small-scale murals on traffic signal control cabinets and other utility cabinets in the right of way in diverse neighborhoods of Texas cities. Over the past 5 years, UP Art Studio has commissioned artists to paint more than 300 Mini Murals. Major funders have included the City of Houston, City of Austin, management districts, other municipalities, non-profits, neighborhood associations, businesses, and individual sponsors.

To apply to join the Artist Registry, artists should visit the Artist Info page at MiniMurals.org, or Up Art Studio.

Watch as Lauren Kelly chats with Up Art Studio’s Elia Quiles about getting involved with the program.

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