National museum in Houston preserving black military history

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum housing artifacts of brave servicemen and women

HOUSTON – The goal of the Buffalo Soldier Museum is to interpret articulate collect display and preserve historical artifacts documents videos prints and other historical memorabilia which details the history of the brave men and women who overcame extreme adversity while gallantly fighting the great American wars.

In 1866 through an act of Congress legislation was adopted to create six all African American Army units. The units were identified as the 9th and 10th cavalry and the 38th 39th 40th and 41st infantry regiments. The four infantry regiments were later reorganized to form the 24th and 25th infantry regiments. These fighting men represented the first Black professional soldiers in a peacetime army. The recruits came from varied backgrounds including former slaves and veterans from service in the Civil War.

The museum has tons of virtual and in-person programs where you can learn more about the history of African American soldiers. Click here to find out more about their upcoming “Night at the Museum” in July, 2021 and the other events the museum will be hosting.

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