This University of Houston student is joining the elite U.S. Space Force

HOUSTON – The Space Force is America’s newest branch of the military, and a 23-year-old Houstonian just won a coveted spot to be a part of it.

His name is Mitchell Montalvo and he talked to Houston Life about this incredible opportunity.

“The main priority is going to be space assets, the satellites, that not only give us GPS as well as military communications with our soldiers and marines that are on the ground. That’s very vital and that’s one of the main pieces that we accomplish as space operations officers,” said Montalvo, who went to Bellaire High School and Interned with NASA last year.

“My original plan was to be part of cybertechnology and cyberoperations in the Air Force, but I heard about this (program) last semester, so I went out for it because it started to become my main priority. I went out for it and I got it. There were only 70 spots,” said Montalvo, who still has one more semester left at UH before graduating with a computer science degree.

“In September, I’m slated to go to Vandenberg Air Force Base in California to do my tests and find out which focus I’ll be working on in the military,” said the University of Houston Air Force ROTC cadet.

To see Montalvo’s complete interview, watch the video above.

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