Learn the artistic technique of glass blowing at Juggernaut Glass in the Heights

HOUSTON – After the popularity of the Netflix show ‘Blown Away,’ more and more people have gotten interested in the art of blowing glass.

Glass artist Will Jackson at Juggernaut Glass in the Heights took us into his glass-blowing studio to talk about some of the technical aspects of their equipment and tools, the different seasonal craft techniques, and the classes they offer throughout the year.

With such a fragile material, often things can break - which can be frustrating…but it also makes the successful projects that much more rewarding and fulfilling.

Working glass is a fascinating process, and in Will’s opinion, it’s one of the only art forms where the subject appears more beautiful during creation than the final product.

Glassblowers are blessed to be able to see this transitional form, the art is the process, and the byproduct that’s left is the final piece.

Watch as Lauren Kelly gives it a try!

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