4 low-maintenance houseplants that anyone can grow

These plants thrive indoors and are easy to keep alive

HOUSTON – For many folks, taking care of houseplants seems like a daunting task.

However, it’s easier than it looks if you find one that requires little to no maintenance.

Ashley Grubb, Founder of Mustard Seed Farm and Market in Richmond, shared her picks for best durable houseplants for beginners.

Grubb said that two of the most common mistakes when it comes to houseplants “is not enough humidity, and too much or too little water.” To solve this, she recommends watering once a week.

“The amount of water depends on plant and pot size, but a good rule of thumb is ¼ cup once a week for plants in 4-inch pots and 1/2 cup once a week for plants in 6-inch pots,” she said.

Here are Grubb’s top picks:

1. Maranta (Prayer Plant)

Prayer Plant or Maranta Plant in bright natural light in South Florida. (iStock)

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