Welcoming a new furry member to your family with local pet adoption event

BARC Animal shelter offering dog and cat adoptions for only 21 dollars

Continue celebrating 2021 with a new furry family member provided by the Barc Animal Shelter

HOUSTON – 2021 is the perfect year to become a pet parent and help relieve some of the stress from 2020 and BARC Animal Shelter can help make that happen. BARC is the City of Houston’s Animal Shelter and Adoption Facility. BARC is the only city shelter in Houston required by law to accept every animal that comes through their doors regardless of breed, temperament, health conditions, and circumstance (from owner surrender, stray pickup, rescued or confiscated animals). They have built a best-in-class team that stewards our mission of professionalism, responsibility, compassion, commitment, integrity, and accountability and now they are letting you take home your new best friend with their 21 dollar dog and 20 dollar cat adoptions during the month of January, 2021.

BARC Animal Shelter is dedicated to pet adoption and a live release initiative. In addition to sheltering and providing veterinary care to all animals brought to the shelter, they work diligently to place these animals in new homes. They also collaborate and coordinate with the Houston Pet Rescue groups and through social media networks to cast the widest possible adoption net. They work hard to provide intensive neo-natal and adult pet fostering programs, along with hands-on volunteer training classes and continuous workshops. To get more information about the pet adoption event and what furry friends are up for adoption, just click here for more information.