Using paintball as a way to burn extra calories

Survival Games of Texas is committed to giving you a good time while helping with your fitness goal.

HOUSTONSurvival Game of Texas is on a mission to make sure you have an exciting time while sticking to getting in shape for 2021 and has been around as Houston’s only paintball park for over 30 years. Weather you are a first time player or a regular, their playing maps are designed to make certain your heart beats with anticipation and have you ducking and dodging your way into a new body.

Pierce’s first time to play paintball! Him and his dad working together to defend the FIREBASE. Weekend warriors at heart!

Posted by Survival Game of Texas, Inc on Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Their playing fields or maps have various themes. Imagine going on patrol – looking out for a possible ambush or possibly you are the sniper, looking for the first kill of the day. The woods ball courses include North Vietnam, South Vietnam and Cambodia. Other maps are designed for urban ball. For Example, Western Town is an urban ball map complete with seven buildings. Go back to the 1890′s and you will experience an authentic cowboy western town, just as you see on a movie set. Boot hill awaits you. Another map includes a castle, a castle, a second castle and a third castle. Imagine a wooden castle – 3 levels on 2000 square feet of concrete slab with stairs and catwalks all around, plus other wooden castles making a castle system.

Survival Game of Texas offers 47 acres of outdoor paintball fields and scenarios. They cater to groups of 20 and up.

Posted by Survival Game of Texas, Inc on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

To learn more about their specials or to make your family a friends a reservation, visit them on eventbrite or click here to learn how you can have a great time while working out.