Local mom creates ‘Elf on the Shelf’ kits to help make the holidays easier for busy families

A foolproof way to save time this season

Houston – On December 1, a countless number of elves will leave the North Pole and head to homes to check in with kids before Christmas. Is your elf returning to the shelf this year?

Jennifer Doherty with Cinch Celebrations is one of Santa’s helpers, and her kits are helping to make the elf’s return just a little bit easier for everyone.

“Well, I am a former educator and I have three small children at home, so I kind of built this keeping both the child and the parent in mind. It can be fun and engaging for kids but also easy to use and no prep for the parents.”

Prep typically includes coming up with a new location or theme for the elf each day until it returns to the North Pole, but Doherty’s kit takes away all of the guesswork.

“There is a bag for each day and there’s a picture that shows you how to set it up and the supplies with everything you need for that day. So you just pull one out, follow along on the picture and then you’re ready to go. There also are a few modifications like if you know maybe you have a really long dinner menu or something that needs a lot of prep that night and you need to keep the kids busy, there’s a few activities that you can set out that will give them something to do... some games... some crafts... so you can put those out on those nights to kind of help you out.”

To keep up with Doherty, follow her on Instagram. The kits are $80. She also helps out The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy as well!

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