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Houston counselor shares easy ways to teach your children to be kind

It’s a crazy world we live in, but it costs nothing to be kind

In honor of World Kindness Day, counselor Dr. Shana D. Lewis and her daughter Nia share easy ways your family can celebrate.

HOUSTON – In honor of World Kindness Day, licensed professional counselor and owner of Living Well Professional Counseling Services, Dr. Shana D. Lewis, and her daughter Nia share easy ways your family can celebrate.


  • B-e an example for your kids first --- be kind, and speak kindly about others in front of them
  • E-njoy the day together brainstorming ways to be kind
  • K-eep an open mind about creative ways to be kind (drawing, art projects, making things, singing for someone, etc.)
  • I-ntentionally seek out people who may need a pick me up (think about those who can’t get out because of the pandemic)
  • N-otes are great! Write positive notes to others and send them in the mail or text them
  • D-on’t make this a one-day event


  • Clean up something that’s not your assigned chore
  • Hug your parents when you wake up and before you go to bed, and tell them you love them
  • Plant a tree or flower in the yard and nurture it throughout the year
  • Volunteer together
  • Acknowledge and praise kids for their kindness
  • Teach kids to be kind to themselves
  • Create an art project that represents being kind, and then give it to someone
  • Bake something and give it to your neighbors
  • Practice gratitude with your child

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Erin Montoya is an award-winning producer, middle child and mom of two boys.