Flying High in Houston with Cowboy Up Hang Glidiing

Learn how to hang glide in a safe and exciting way

Learn how to hang glide or just enjoy a great safe flight with Cowboy Up Hang Gliding right outside of Houston

HOUSTON – Hang gliding is a popular air sport and has been since the 1890s, now there’s a place just outside of Houston where you can take to the sky and try it for yourself. Cowboy Up Hang Gliding offers not only flights for beginners, but also classes for those looking to become advance at this air sport.

According to Cowboy Up Hang Gliding, This is the most exhilarating adventure sport you can do near Houston, Texas. They are a full time school that takes first timers for a discovery flight just like they did with Houston Life Reporter Joe Sam. You can learn more about their classes and flights by clicking here, and be sure to see Joe Sam’s flight in the video above. Cowboy Up Hang Gliding is open for flights and trainings year round as long as the weather cooperates!