Houston locals compete to become American Ninja Champion

Four athletes become finalists during intense competition

American Ninja Warrior Finalist Jody Avila returns back to the show for a chance to become the American Ninja Champion

HOUSTON – Season 12 of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior kicked off in a big way with four incredible athletes from Houston, Texas. Jody Avila from Sugar Land, Daniel Gil from Houston, Mathis Owhadi from Tomball and Jonathan Horton from Cypress are all finalists and have put in a lot of time and energy to get to where they are in the competition. For Jody Avila, his entire family train to be ninja warriors.

Like other ninja warriors, Avila built his very own obstacle course in his backyard to train and prepare for the competition, His wife and son join him on the course to test their skills and have both shown incredible strength. For Season 12 of NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior,” the top 50 athletes will bring along two people from their communities to compete with them for a total of 150 competitors. The season will feature an abridged format with multiple rounds. To determine the winner during the Finals, the top eight ninjas will compete in a playoff bracket where they will race head to head on the Power Tower. The winner will earn $100,000, something Avila has been trying to win as he returns for his fifth time on the show.

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