Local pumpkin carving artist shares amazing creations for National Pumpkin Day

HOUSTON – Local artist Courtney Wunder started carving pumpkins at a young age, and now she spends hours creating all sorts of detailed masterpieces.

From Hogwarts Castle, to Breaking Bad, and Stranger Things – Courtney uses drilling tools for her intricate designs, and foam pumpkins instead of real ones so her creations last forever.

After graduating from UH with a degree in Biology, Courtney went on to study molecular genetics. After more and more people started asking for her carvings, she turned her Halloween hobby into a year-round business.

Some of Courtney’s carves take 4-5 hours, but more detailed ones can take her anywhere from 10-14 hours to complete.

To see the rest of Courtney’s ‘Wunder-ful’ creations, click HERE.