Houston native Debbie Allen shares emotional story about granddaughter and new initiative

Showing appreciation to grandparents on National Grandparents Day

Famous dancer, actress, director, producer, singer and now new grandmother Debbie Allen partners up with Aspercreme for their Love is Grand initiative. A program built to show appreciation and recognition to all the grandparents around the world while helping a non-profit organization gain necessary funding.

HOUSTON – Debbie Allen has always been known for her amazing talent and got an incredible start in the media industry when she appeared on FAME. Her work has continued to expand into shows such as “Everybody Hates Chris”, “S.W.A.T”, “All of Us” and "Greys Anatomy which still doesn’t showcase the incredible and long list of work that she’s been involved in. At the age of 70, she has no plans on slowing down, Allen is now a new grandmother and is erasing the image of what a grandmother is supposed to look and act like. She decided to partner up with Aspercreme for their “Love is Grand” initiative.

Lydia Grant from "Fame," played by Debbie Allen (MGM Television)

Houston Reporter Joe Sam caught up with the busy modern grandmother to find out how she is helping bring the new image of a grandparent to life by showcasing what she’s currently doing with her new season of Grey’s Anatomy and several other projects. Allen also shared with Joe some of her favorite memories with her granddaughter and how she is learning from her by watching her grow and blossom every day.

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Happy #GrandparentsDay from me and Shiloh! 💋

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The campaign was created to celebrate today’s grandparents for who they really are by sharing a photo of them on social media. and for every photo shared, Aspercreme donated one dollar to an organization supporting aging adults which racked in about $50,000.

Allen says even after the campaign is over, we should still continue to post pictures of our grandparents all year long so that we can show them they are appreciated while helping them feel integrated with today’s virtual world.