Christopher Reid of 90’s duo Kid ‘n Play celebrating 30th anniversary of ‘House Party’

HOUSTON – If you grew up in the 90′s, things like neon colored t-shirts, rides at Astroworld, Doc Martens, and Nintendo Game Boys give you all kinds of nostalgia, as does the mention of one of the biggest movies of that decade: ‘HOUSE PARTY!’

The ‘House Party’ movie franchise released its first film in March of 1990, and it starred Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid and Christopher ‘Play’ Martin of the famous hip hop duo, Kid 'n Play.

The pair were responsible for the iconic high top fade haircut, and kick-step dance, which are still just as popular today as they were then.

Watch as Lauren Kelly takes a walk down memory lane with Christopher “Kid” Reid to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film.

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