Urban Harvest now has Back-to-School Grow Kits for at-home gardening

HOUSTON – At-home gardening is a great activity for parents to do with their kids, and Urban Harvest now has Back-to-School Grow Kits to teach students, children, and adults how to grow seasonal herbs and vegetables from seeds and transplants.

The Grow Kit includes a 5-gallon grow bag, soil from Farm Dirt, ‘decorate your own’ plant labels, two seasonal plant starts Basil and Dino Kale, flower seeds, Microlife fertilizer and detailed instructions for the gardener to follow.

Each kit is $20, and there is also an option to ‘Buy One, Give One’ for $35, when supporters buy a grow kit, another kit will be donated to the students of Kashmere Gardens Elementary School.

Keep in mind, the kits must be pre-ordered by Thursday at 5pm prior to the Saturday pick-up on the website.

Click HERE for more information.

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