Flex Seal Family of Products founder Phil Swift talks Houston connection

You may know Phil Swift as the man behind the Flex Seal products and commercials, but did you also know his brother went to UH? Lauren Kelly chatted with the energetic personality about his special connections to Houston.

HOUSTON – You guys probably know Phil Swift for his energetic Flex Seal Family of Products ads, including the infamous commercial where he saws a boat in half and then fixes it!

Phil’s backround in chemistry, plus his love for easy solutions that really work is how he came up with a liquid rubber that was portable and easy to use.

The Flex Seal brand boasts a variety of different products like Flex Glue, Flex Paste, Flex Tape, Flex Seal Liquid, Flex Seal Spray, and Flex Shot, among others.

Phil’s first Flex Seal commercial aired during overnight time slots in March of 2011, and America just really loved the product, and the company been working hard ever since.

Even celebs like Jerry Seinfeld, Charles Barkley and Jimmy Fallon are fans of Phil’s products!

A cool Houston tie in? Phil’s brother went to college at U of H for their architecture program.

For more information on the Flex Seal Family of Products, click HERE.


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