Houston’s Colombian Folkloric Ballet shows traditional dances and costumes

HOUSTON – Colombians are known for lots of things, but their love for dance is right there at the top of the list!

Have you ever tried learning traditional Colombian dance moves? They are as beautiful to watch performed as the costumes they’re performed in. But it’s no small feet! A lot of hip-shaking is involved!

Catalina Vanegas Dormil, the Assistant Artistic Director at Houston’s Colombian Folkloric Ballet, showed Lauren Kelly a few moves including how to do the Fandango, and Cumbia!

The Fandango is a fun, lively and colorful dance where the man is trying to flirt with the woman. Fandango actually translates into party/dance.

The Cumbia is the staple, folkloric dance of Colombia. It’s derived from the word “Cumbe,” which means dance in Guinea.

Watch as Lauren Kelly tries on a few authentic costumes, and gives it her best shot at these two dances!

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