PLAY BALL: Houston Astros Analyst shares how empty stadium will affect the opening game

HOUSTON – Houston is buzzing with excitement as the city gets ready to kick off another Astros season tonight. Things will look a little different this year, but one thing we can count on is hearing Geoff Blum’s voice on TV during every home game. Ahead of tonight’s opening game, the TV Analyst and former Houston Astro shares what fans can expect this season.

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“I know that with everything going on off the field, the COVID pandemic and other societal issues, it’s nice to get a little bit of the game back,” said Blum.

The lack of sports entertainment has been noticeable for many people since the pandemic. Though many are glad for the return of baseball season, it will be difficult not to notice the empty stadiums while watching the games on TV, particularly for the players.

“Opening day is one of those days, it really has the most energy to it because there’s excitement. Anybody can win that season,” said Blum. “I think there might actually be a little more pressure on these guys to go out there and perform because the fans won’t be there in person. The fans bring so much energy.”

As a TV Analyst, Blum says the lack of an audience will present unique challenges for him as well.

“We’re used to letting the noise of the crowd tell the story. Now we’re going to have to step in and maybe describe that a little bit more or show some more enthusiasm and fill those gaps with our voices,” said Blum.