Discover the skincare line customized for Houston’s climate

It’s the first and only patented climate-smart skincare in the world.

HOUSTON – If Houston’s heat and humidity is wreaking havoc on your skin, a skincare line made in France promises to help.

Ulli Haslacher, founder of Pour Moi Climate-Smart Skincare, has spent decades working on this customized line, and she shared details about how the products match where you live or where you are going.

“It’s anti-aging skincare for your zip code,” said Haslacher, who received a patent for this extraordinary innovation that gives your skin what it needs based on the climate you live in.

For our Houston Life viewers, Pour Moi Climate-Smart has a special offer happening now through August 10.

For more details, watch the interview above.

And to get in on this special offer, visit pourmoiskincare.com/houston, or call 909-243-1456.

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