Houston author shares 7 tips on how to write a book during coronavirus

HOUSTON – Let’s face it - we’ve all considered writing our best-selling novel while in quarantine. But do we have what it takes?

According to author Jana Phillips, the answer is “YES!”

Phillips is a Houstonian who worked as a writer in the energy industry for 20 years.

Her book “Power Lies” is an international best-seller on Amazon. The book follows fictional character Sterling Barrington, Vice President for The Franklin Energy Institute, as she investigates a cover up. She encounters murder, arrest, threats, assault and more in this thrilling tale.

Phillips recently appeared on Houston Life to share 7 tips for writing a novel.

  1. Write what you know about. Draw from your experiences and the world you know to help get you started.
  2. Keep a notepad with you at all times. “Capture any and every thought you can think of,” said Phillips. “Just exhaust all your thoughts.”Don’t worry about punctuation or spelling. It’s important to jot down the idea right as it strikes!
  3. Research your topic and the events of the time period you’re writing for.
  4. Take writing courses online or in person. Read how to books.
  5. Edit, Edit, Edit
  6. Have trusted and honest friends give their critiques.
  7. Start by writing about your family. Interview each member to hear their stories. Go to Ancestry.com to find out about your heritage.

“If I can do it, I think anyone can!”

If you’d like more advice from author Jana Phillips, you can attend her event “Master Class: How to Write a Book” this Thursday, July 30, at 11 a.m.

You can find more information on this event on Facebook, and more information on Phillips here.

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