Watch Lauren Kelly try to make a dress out of duct tape

HOUSTON – Before co-hosting Houston Life with Derrick Shore the other day, Lauren Kelly broke a strap on her dress and had to fix it with duct tape. Since it held up fairly well, we thought- why not try to make a full article of clothing out of it?

Turns out, there's actually a timely connection to this duct tape challenge.

The ‘Duck Tape’ brand does a contest every year called “Stuck At Home,” where high school students submit their duct tape prom dresses and tuxes for people to vote on.

Peyton Manker created a COVID-19 themed duct tape dress that’s gone viral, and it’s amazing! She used 41 rolls of duct tape, and it took her 395 hours to complete.

Lauren had 6 rolls of tape, and one hour to complete this challenge. Watch and see how she did.

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