Actor David Hornsby talks “Good Girls,” growing up in Houston

HOUSTON – David Hornsby is a longtime actor, producer and screenwriter with credits to his name such as NBC’s “Good Girls,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and the new Apple TV+ show “Mythic Quest.” He was bitten by the acting bug doing theater at Houston’s own Kinkaid High School. David sat down over Zoom with Houston Life’s Courtney Zavala to discuss his current projects and Houston upbringing.

Courtney: You play the character Boomer on NBC’s “Good Girls,” maybe this isn’t the right thing to say right out of the gate, but you’re the character we love to hate.

David: Thanks, yeah, I get that a lot from women. No actually, originally I was supposed to die at the end of the pilot but they just loved to hate me so much they kept me around so, it’s been a fun job. You know everyone has to kind of find their niche acting wise and I feel like I’ve found a good thing. In “Always Sunny” I have prosthetics on my face and I’m being disposed of and always treated terribly in some way but it’s been fun.

Courtney: When did the acting bug get you?

David: I got into acting at Kinkaid in Houston and we had a great drama program there. That’s what got me into it then I went to a theater school at college.

Courtney: Lets talk about your latest project. “Mythic Quest” premiered in February on Apple TV but before they even got it off the ground it was renewed for a second season.

David: Yeah and we started shooting our second season right before everything got shut down due to Covid. It’s takes place at workplace at a videogame company. It’s sort of a behind the scenes take of the biggest video game in the world called “Mythic Quest” It’s an office comedy and it has some of the talent behind “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” So I have a chance to act in it and help write it and produce it. It’s been great.

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