KID-APPROVED: Your children will love helping you cook and eat this tasty recipe

HOUSTON – Do you feel like you’ve tried absolutely everything to keep the kids entertained?

What about bonding with them by cooking in the kitchen?

We’re sharing a kid-approved recipe your little ones will love to help cook and eat.

Cookbook author, mom and blogger, Leigh Ann Chatagnier with My Diary of Us is inspiring us all to get our kids into the kitchen.

“From the time he was a baby I would literally prop him up in the kitchen when I was cooking, so he saw me from the beginning in the kitchen. So as soon as he was probably 18 months old, I got this little stand that has rails all around it, so I would just have him do simple things, even just playing with the oatmeal or the flour to get interested in it. From the point on the older he’s gotten he’s wanted to help me more and more.”

Leigh Ann explains the success she has found with her son Parks being involved in the kitchen, and that includes him not being afraid to try new foods.

“I find that most kids if they help make whatever is for dinner, breakfast or lunch, they are way more likely to eat it, because they helped make it. They touched the ingredients and it’s not foreign, and they knew the spinach was going to be in there, so they’re much more likely to eat it.”

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