Tired of looking tired during your Zoom calls? Some options for your skin if you’re worried about aging

Not all cosmetic treatments are the same: Breaking down a few key differences

During quarantine, video chatting has become the new normal, especially for businesses. But if you don’t like the way you look on screen during those calls, there are some cosmetic treatments that can help. The Institute of Anti-Aging offers Botox and Juvederm to help smooth out wrinkles, lines and get rid of dark circles on the face. Visit their website to learn more about their monthly specials.

HOUSTON – Working from home became the norm for many people as the coronavirus pandemic really started unfolding earlier this year.

And remote work, for many, involves video conferencing apps and programs including Zoom. Although life is starting to resume and businesses are reopening, not all companies are rushing to bring back all their employees for in-office work. Therefore, Zoom remains a reality.

It might seem trivial, but Toyloria Hunter, a court reporter, was hopping on video calls often when she started to notice something.

“The camera was picking up very dark circles under my eyes ... things I didn’t normally (see) in my mirror,” Hunter said.

She had tried tactics like drinking more water and getting more rest. The video-conferencing situation prompted her to consult with the experts at The Institute for Anti-Aging.

There are so many options these days: fillers? Botox? Where should someone start, and when do the pros say you can expect results?

Watch the video, above, for all those answers and more.