Pastor Rudy Rasmus calls for unity and change following the death of George Floyd

HOUSTON – Dr. Rudy Rasmus is a pastor, author, and a humanitarian with a passion for outreach to the world’s most challenged communities. Rudy co-pastors the St. John’s Church in Downtown Houston with his wife Juanita, a church that began with 9 existing members in 1992. Today, St. John’s has grown to thousands, where each week people of every social and economic background share the same pew.

He attributes the success of the church to a compassionate group of people who have embraced the vision of tearing down the walls of classism, sexism, and racism and building bridges of unconditional love, universal recovery, and unprecedented hope.

As our nation protests and mourns the death of Houston native George Floyd, many of us are looking for comfort and for solutions.

Watch as Pastor Rudy Rasmus shares his views on what can be done during this time in America.

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